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Church Interiors Upholstery

There are three approaches that you can use when you decide to reupholster pews. You can bring a company that upholsters pews on site and stretches the fabric by hand. This is the way that a lot of churches or get a local upholstery shop for some like that coming to the pews.

The second way to do it would be to take the pews out, disassemble them, have the original pew manufacturer come and take the pews back to the factory and reupholster them from at the factory. This would give you great results you would stretch the fabric really tight from the in and uniformly across the front and back edge of the pews so would be a nice beautiful uniform job. But this would be very costly to do it that way.

So what we have done is the third way to do it would be to get us to come and do it. We have gone to the factory duplicated the upholstery process and so we going and we take pews apart. We stretch the fabric very tight and uniform it across the front back it’s using stretching boards. This gives you the results that you have after by giving your factory upholstery job, but it also saves the church a lot of money

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Church interiors will select a superior commercial grade fabric that has a pew backing on it. That will help prevent runs in the fabric during upholstery process. It will also come with a Teflon coating that will help to prevent stains from spills. And some fabrics will come with and UV inhibitor that will help to prevent fading and the lamination from direct sunlight onto those pews. Church interiors also have an on-staff interior designer that will help the church to select fabric for their church.

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I’ll well certainly recommend church interiors out to a church that’s contemplating our renovation, the folks there, a very easy to work with. The joy to be around enjoyed getting to know the people who worked a with church interiors. And again I think what impressed me the most and why would go back with a job like this is because of the knowledge of church is. That to me is very impressive.

I don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Sometimes I have to stop what I am doing and go outta my way defined the lows. And I have to drive about twenty to twenty-five miles. To get whatever it takes to make the job looks right. And that’s what I wanna do.

We often use this analogy when describing upholstery. You to easily get a bolt of fabric to two different seamstresses to make you a dress. What would make you beautiful dress was special attention to detail that would last a lifetime or at least until the dress goes out of style. The other might make you one that looks good in the beginning but wouldn’t last or worse yet it would be fit to wear. Here at church interiors, workmanship is everything

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My name is Rick Zimmerman. I have been in upholstery and charred furniture for church interiors for the past 25 years and I have loved every minute of doing that.

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