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Bring Your Pews Back To New – Carroll Pew Renew

This is a presentation of Carroll Pew Renew. A friend of mine was charmed from their services in their local church about three years ago. He sent me the link to their video. For my regret I did not found a website, so I post their contacts for anybody who needs

Company Name: Carroll Pew Renew
Company Address: 1744 Nw 36 Ct, Oakland Park, Florida, United States
Zip/Postal Code: 33309
Contact Person: Mr. David Nagle

Text from the video below:

Hi, my name is David Nagle. I’m the owner Carroll Pew Renew. I’ve been servicing the churches for over 13 years. We are here today at Saint Anthony’s Catholic Church in Fort Lauderdale.

This is the first Catholic Church built in Broward County. At Carroll Pew Renew, these are our focus. These pews are now half a century old. As part of the church’s renovations, we have been entrusted with the task refinishing and reupholstering appears.

Our job will be to bring these pews back to their original view. These particular pews are extremely well-made from solid oak. For that reason now being refinished rather than replaced.

Our job is to remove all the old upholstery from the seats and the back. And replace it with a fireproof commercial-grade fabric. We also completely restore and refinish the original oak surface. In this process we strip and Sen the backs and the ends of the pews once again revealing the beautiful natural wood.

Some pews require an extra repair work. We then restrain and revarnish carefully prepared surface. Which fully restores the oak in its original warm wood grain finish.

Best of all we provide the highest quality craftsmanship at the most reasonable price. If you’re considering having your pews we are posted or refinished, please call me! I will come to your church and give you a free evaluation if you’re seeking.

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  1. RE:
    Could you have someone good at English edit your website?. Would help. Phone number and email on the home page or a tab for contact info. would help you also.
    We are in CA anyway so too far.
    I’m sure you do a fine job but suggest you upgrade your website to be competitive.
    Good luck with your business.

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